Pecan Pie: Wegmans vs. the Amish

Amish mini pie $3.25

Wegmans mini pie $5.50

My dining companion and I were craving a pecan pie and I was planning to make one.  For some reason I didn’t think I had ever seen a pecan pie at Wegmans, only at Tops and I certainly will not eat their baked goods.  That very same day I went to East Ave. Wegmans which usually doesn’t have anything and they had a whole table of them.  This was surely a sign right from Jesus that I needed to eat some pie after dinner.  That night everyone fell asleep and the pie stayed in the microwave  so that some nosy cats who don’t mind their own business wouldn’t drag it under the media cabinet.

Wegmans Mini Pecan Pie:  ($5.50)  The next day everyone was able to stay awake until dessert time.  Due to the delay I also had time to return to East Ave. Wegmans and purchase a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Caramel Fudge Swirl ice cream.  The ice cream was yum-o-rama.  The pie was a disappointment.  To quote one anonymous pie eater  “It tasted like a melted gum drop slurry”.  The pecans on top were whole and underneath was this pecan gelatin reminiscent of some sort of melted gummy confection, or the  gelatinized turkey stock my dad had just given me.  This was very sad for all involved because pecan pie can be so delicious.  The crust was not bad.  Although this was not the best pie I ever had, I still ate my entire mini half.  I’ve definitely polished off bigger amounts of worse pies in my day.

Amish Mini Pecan Pie:  ($3.25)  OHOHOH So good!  This pie was purchased from the Amish bakers at the public market.  The pecans on top were diced, the filling was not a blob of boiled calves feet but a delicious brown sugar mix filled with pecans.  The crust was awesome.  I wonder if it had lard in it?  I hope so.  I did not have any ice cream left and didn’t buy any more because of what happened involving my figure and pies two summers ago.

nice amish filling

Verdict:  At some amount less ( I don’t have a calculator handy) the Amish pie was cheaper and much better quality.  I am going to try all their pies unless there is one that sounds disgusting.  Buy the Wegmans pie if you are willing to eat mediocre baked goods oryou are too lazy to go to a decent bakery or the public market.  Side Note:  when you go to the market to buy the pie you can also stop by the Empanada place and have a beef empanada with green hot sauce for breakfast.


2 Comments on “Pecan Pie: Wegmans vs. the Amish”

  1. patrick says:

    Thank you, thecuntyjew.
    This article was much more helpful to me than the one about waxing my lady bits.
    Except, now I’m really craving green hot sauce.

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